About Lorne Epstein

Lorne was born in Brooklyn, New York to Diana Epstein, a graphic artist and Martin Epstein, a High School teacher turned professional equity actor. After 27 years in the city Lorne moved to Washington DC and then a few years later joined the recruiting profession. Lorne has created record breaking results in hiring quality professionals in short time frames from recruiting 38 managers in 30 days during the start of the Transportation Security Agency to creating and implementing a strategy for the US Forest Service that attracted 360 applicants in 5 days.

Lorne is a talent acquisition leader and people guy with over twenty years of experience in hands on full life-cycle recruiting and leading teams in the United States, India and Brazil. His teams have won global awards for Best Recruiting Team and Best Candidate Experience. He has reduced time to hire by more than half. a natural mentor, teacher, trainer and manager, he helps those who work with him to perform at their highest levels.

Lorne is also the author of You’re Hired Interview Skills To Get the Job, which has been downloaded over 350,000 times worldwide.

Dan Pink author of DRIVE, said “Lorne Epstein invites you to bring meaning to your job search by giving authentic interviews that get you hired. This book is a must read for those looking to improve their interview skills.”

Lorne’s is a world class facilitator and adult experiential educator, leading active learning experiences where participants learn how to share professional narrative and frameworks from which to participants build stories that communicate with impact and help them get the job they want.

As a thought leader on jobs and employment, Lorne Epstein is regularly sought out for speaking engagements, quotes and thought leadership. Lorne speaks nationally on how to ace your job interview and has been quoted on job related topics in national news outlets such as Cosmopolitan and Forbes.

Lorne is the producer and host of You’re Hired which airs on 96.7 FM (WERA.fm) on Monday’s at 10am. He brings in national experts who share what is going on in the workplace from employment law to military job transitions.

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