Hello, and welcome to You’re Hired. My name is Lorne Epstein. I am a talent acquisition professional with over twenty years’ experience in the industry. You’re Hired is broadcast on WERA 96.7 from Arlington, VA and will include special guests as well as tips and tricks to help you in your career and life in general. I started You’re Hired as a way to discuss critical issues about jobs and careers and teach people how to have a rewarding, satisfying career.

For our first show, we discussed what life coaching actually is and why it could be beneficial for you. To guide our discussion, I invited three highly qualified guests with long-time experience as coaches. Our first guest, Paul McFadden is a coach with over 25 years’ experience in both private and public sectors. Our second guest was Lee DeWolfe, a senior human capital and resources expert who is currently building programs to maximize people’s potential in the workplace. Finally, our last guest was Kate Gibbons, a nationally revered consultant who has influenced state-wide system reform in ten states.

To begin, I wanted to give a clear picture of what life coaching is and what makes it beneficial. The analogy I used was that of a diver and his coach. Simply put, having a coach means having someone who is committed to success but is standing from the outside looking in. In the analogy I used, the diver makes his dives every day and does his best to improve, but is unable to see his foot placement during a dive. The coach is able to watch the diver’s feet from the side of the pool and tell him how to position them in the future in order to make the dive more effective. This same principle can be applied to life coaching.

As our guests discussed, coaching helps to hold you accountable for your actions and identify what goals you’d like to accomplish in life. While every coaching session is different, all three of our guests agreed that each session begins with a few minutes of focus and grounding. Grounding was defined by the coaches as a way of bringing intention to the conversation and putting aside any current emotions in order to focus on what you’d like to accomplish during the session.

One point that was stressed by the coaches was the need for confidentiality and trust between a coach and their client. Each coach noted that they always sign a confidentiality agreement prior to their sessions so that the client will feel comfortable sharing their emotions and private thoughts. Our guests also noted the importance of finding a life coach who is International Coach Federation (ICF) Certified. Coaches with this certification will be the most highly trained and qualified.

Cost of coaching was also discussed in today’s show. Ranging from $150-500/hr, coaching isn’t exactly cheap, however all the guests agreed that it is an important investment that should be considered if you are ready to fully commit to changing your life. If cost is a particularly pressing concern, Lee also mentioned that the ICF has different chapters in every state and that each chapter includes a pro-bono division. You can visit ICF’s website to find your chapter, then contact them to find out if there are any pro-bono coaches available.

To wrap up our first show, Lee gave me a quick sample coaching session. She began by asking me what I want for my career and went on to ask why I enjoyed it. She pointed out that if I couldn’t express why I enjoyed my career, then I could never expect other people to see my passion, and as a result, I couldn’t be successful. She explained that her major goal as a coach is to remind her clients what they want in life and continuously keep them focused on their goals so that they can live a prosperous, rewarding life.

Stay tuned for more shows just like this on You’re Hired. In our next show, we’ll be discussing how to make the shift from military to the workforce and what you can do to ease the transition.


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